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Upcoming Events

August 11, 2021

Connecting Across Difference: Religious Inclusion and Diversity

[Closed Event] Kinross's customized program combines content from our Discovering Identities program and our Religion at Work program. Together we will explore how religious inclusion is a priority for Kinross, the industry and organization's best practices and how teams can work together to support a welcoming, inclusive and effective workplace.

August 24, 2021

The Protestant Reformation and the Founding of the Modern West

[Open To Public] Whether you are Catholic, Protestant, Jew, Atheist or otherwise, if you live in the West, the Protestant Reformation has dramatically shaped the way we see ourselves and our societies. We will explore how the Reformation shaped the way we understand religion, politics, the ideal life, and ourselves in ways both intended and unforeseen. Follow the link here to find out more.

September 13-17, 2021

Exploring the Religions of the World

[Open To Public] We will explore the origins and traditions of five major faiths — Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism — during a fascinating, five-day online learning adventure. Through class time and with a Guide for each tradition, we will learn how each religion has changed through time and what it means to be a modern-day follower. Information and registration is at the link.

September 23, 2021

Connecting Across Difference: Religious Inclusion and Diversity

[Closed Event] For Hyundai we will focus on the importance of religious literacy in a welcoming workplace, and provide their staff with insight, tools, and the confidence to have open and supportive conversations with colleagues and customers.

December 1, 2021

Welcoming Workplace

[Closed Event] With the City of Waterloo we will explore the importance of religious literacy and create practical tools and strategies to ensure a welcoming workplace.

We were delighted to have the opportunity to offer these programs recently. If you are interested in hearing about what Encounter World Religions can bring to your organization, school, or group please reach out to us via


Past Events

Religion: The Big Questions

[Open To Public] In this series, we investigated big questions: religiosity, secularism, and how religion intersects with liberalism and Western democracies. Big questions invite us to examine many angles and so, at different times, we learn about sexuality, economics, history, psychology, and sociology. The series draws a fair bit on Brian’s Ph.D. studies which he has mercifully completed (his wife deserves your applause), but has real relevance for understanding American politics, large social trends, and how Western societies work. 

Religious Inclusion at Work

[Closed Event] We explored how a Western Lens distorts our understanding of religions whose heritage is not Western and how this can lead to marginalizing minority religious identities. We also discussed the importance of religious literacy in fostering inclusion.

Organ Donation & Religion

[Closed Event] In this past webinar, hosted by Organ Donation & Transplantation Alliance, we explored religious views on organ donation and talk about cultural competency, cultural humility and religious literacy.


Brian Carwana's contribution to this webinar drew partly on his experience offering multiway training sessions to three American donation agencies, namely Gift of Hope, LiveOnNY, and the NJ Sharing Network.

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Religious Inclusion: A Starting Point for the Workplace

[Closed Event] With a diverse workforce comes diverse religious practices. This webinar explored some starting steps to becoming a more religiously inclusive workplace that can engender and stimulate a climate of pluralism.

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World Religions Series - Ontario Provincial Police

[Closed Event] A series on learning about different ethnoreligious communities for police staff.

  • Hinduism

  • Buddhism

  • Judaism

  • Islam

  • Christianity

  • Sikhism

  • Wicca & Implicit Bias

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Religious Diversity & Inclusion at Work - Magnet Forensics

[Closed Event] Workplace success requires trust and relationships. In this webinar, we explored religion, often the neglected, avoided topic when it comes to diversity and inclusion. For many, religion is central to their very identity and yet we communicate to staff that this part of them must be kept private or hidden. We learned about a Western bias regarding religion, how this bias distorts our perceptions and the danger of a single story.