Adult Programs

We invite you to come explore the world’s religions with us. Whether through our unique, immersive Discover Week program or through online or keynote talks, Brian is able to weave together stories, philosophies, histories and impacts of religions in ways that are illuminating and engaging. You will come away with new perspectives and information that will be helpful in your professional life, in your relationships and in your own personal exploration of life’s interesting questions.

Discovery Programs

Religion in 3D

A visually stunning presentation of material objects. Learn about religions through their symbols, statues, clothing, prayer items and instruments. 

Popular in high schools and with adults.

Religious icons - Shiva Nataraj - Artefacts

Beyond Diversity Consulting

​​Encounter goes beyond the usual diversity training and consulting to teach leaders and staff about the religious communities they work with and serve. 

Religious Diversity Consulting - keynote speaker

House of Worship Tours

​Guided tours of synagogues, temples, churches, mosques, gurdwaras and more. Also popular with secondary schools, participants can talk with practitioners, ask questions, and observe rituals.

House of Worship Tours - Hindu Temple

To See, To Be, To Do

​A highly-acclaimed presentation using a simple model to survey the landscape of world religions. Instead of the usual catalogue of dates and names, this presentation offers a remarkably concise model that organizes religious traditions into three broad families.

Keynote Talk - World Religions

Education Series

​Invite Brian to teach a series on different religions. Classes are often exceptionally popular, with audience sizes growing via word of mouth. Popular with Later Life Learners, University Women's groups, professional organizations, and congregations. 

Classes on Religious Diversity - World Religions

Keynote Talks

​​​Brian has spoken at conferences, universities, professional development events and other settings. Past talks include our To See, To Be, To Do and custom talks on religious diversity, secularism, evangelicalism, religion in Canada, and religion and law. 

Keynote Speaker - Religious Diversity Secularism