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High School Programs

Designed specifically for high school students, our engaging programs invite students to discover the music, imagery and stories of the world’s religions.

For more than 20 years Encounter’s programs have provided an excellent opportunity to open meaningful discussions, discuss how culture shapes bias, and create a deeper understanding and appreciation of the various faith traditions we encounter in our local community and around the world.

Our school programs are offered virtually and delivered by Brian Carwana, Encounter’s Executive Director.

Music, Masks, Murtis and More – Religion Comes Alive in Artefacts

In the Western world we think of religions as being an internal expression using beliefs and books. But many religions from around the world are experienced and celebrated externally. They are worn on the body and marked on faces. They inhabit images, live in stories and come alive through the senses. 


We will begin with the idea of the Western Lens, why it exists, and how it shapes our bias and distorts the way we see traditions whose roots are not in the West. And then, in an engaging and interactive conversation, we will use examples from our collection of more than 100 religious artefacts to explore the meaning and fascinating stories behind the First Nations turtle rattle, the Hindu Dancing Shiva, Buddhist instruments, Jewish prayer garments and many more. 


What students learn:

  • How Western history and culture impacts our ideas of religious expressions and the potential bias that introduces into our thinking.

  • The importance and meaning contained in religious clothing, statues, instruments and artefacts from a variety of faith traditions.

  • The many ways religions are expressed and celebrated.


What teachers receive:

  • A summary of the presentation and key concepts

  • Images of artefacts and a summary of the related stories used in the presentation for in classroom use. These can be useful for review and evaluation.


Music, Masks, Murtis and More -

Religion Comes Alive in Artefacts


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To See, To Be, To Do: The Landscape of World Religions

To See, To Be, To Do takes students on a fascinating journey through the world’s major religions and explores their worldview through the questions they ask and the answers they offer. Rather than just a catalogue of dates and names, To See, To Be, To Do provides a map for understanding how world religions relate to one another by organizing them into three broad families:


Middle Eastern Traditions: Baha'i, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Zoroastrianism

Indian Traditions: Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism

Balance Traditions: Indigenous Spirituality, Confucianism, Daoism, Shintoism, Orisha, Wicca


We will explore what the stories and sacred texts offer about key religious questions:

What is the Ultimate?

How is Truth Obtained?

What is the Cause of Suffering?

What is the Responsibility of Practitioners?

How are Sacred Stories Understood?

How is Deliverance Achieved?

Students will come away with a better understanding of the events, cultures and philosophies that shape the religious landscape and their own place within it. The presentation has been enormously popular in many different settings: Hindu temples, Christian churches, university classrooms, teacher events, and multifaith conferences and it has received praise from members of many different faith traditions – from Native elders to Zen masters to Hindu pandits.

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To See, To Be, To Do: The Landscape of World Religions

(2.25 hours)

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Encounter Religions Retreat Days

Are you planning a Retreat Day for your school?


Bundle our two most popular programs: Music, Masks, Murtis and More and To See, To Be, To Do for an engaging and enlightening day.


Together the programs offer not only an excellent overview of world religions and their stories, they also provide an excellent framework for further discussions about philosophy, culture and spirituality.

Students will come away with a better understand of their friends, their neighbours, the global community, and perhaps most importantly their place within it.


Special pricing is available for bundled programs and large groups.

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Professional Development for Teachers

Join us for a unique and engaging educational opportunity. 



Our 6 day Online Discovery Week program introduces participants to five of the world's major religions through lectures, conversations and meetings with religious leaders. This is a perfect opportunity for educators to expand their knowledge of the history, practices and philosophies that shape our religious landscape.

For more information please contact us.

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George Dolak,

World Religions Teacher

No guest presentation has ever been able to match the multi-faith presentations of Encounter.

Yvonne Runstedler 

Program Coordinator, Wellington Catholic District School Board

Brian Carwana as a presenter is exceptionally knowledgeable and respectful of the various spiritual and religious paths encompassed in his offerings [...] I highly recommend!

Frank O'Neil,

World Religions Teacher

I have been teaching for 25 years, and I have never seen a presentation like this.


Golden Rule Poster

The Golden Rule Poster represents 18 different religions, drawing from all parts of the globe.​ For information about the poster, click here