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Demystifying Islam

How to be an Ally to your Muslim Colleagues

As Ramadan, the holy month of fasting approached, our guests listened to a conversation between Sema Burney, President of Burney Consulting and Brian Carwana, Executive Director of Encounter World Religions that was recorded on March 23rd.

Together we:

  • Address common misconceptions about Islam and provide insight into Ramadan so you can feel confident in honouring your colleagues' observances;

  • Discuss how we can communicate with sensitivity and cultural awareness at work; particularly during Ramadan;

  • Talk about what it means to be an ally and how we can earn that role by supporting our colleagues.

Sema Burney

Sema is a thought leader in diversity, equity and inclusion and the founder of Burney Consulting, a boutique-style consulting firm supporting leaders in their journey towards creating a culture of belonging. Born and raised in Quebec, and of Muslim parents, she has witnessed firsthand the many stereotypes and false interpretations about the Muslim faith.

Brian Carwana

Brian is the Executive Director of Encounter World Religions and a self-proclaimed “Religion Geek”. For more than two decades Brian has taught religious literacy programs from a non-sectarian perspective, helping organizations and their staff open the door to meaningful conversations, and build those crucial relationships with authenticity and sensitivity.

Rated Excellent by 85% of attendees!


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