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Parliament of the World's Religions

Discovery Week

...this week is a goldmine. The opportunity to learn so much about so many different religions and to interact with lay people and religious, was invaluable...Best investment of time I've done.

Kevin Cmunt

With so many beautiful places to visit...and with such well planned and developed classes...this program far exceeded my expectations!

Rob Wiesner

Tremendous, even the second time around!

Sue Gualdieri

This 16 year old skateboarder thinks it was a great course and an amazing experience. Highly recommend!


It's educational, fun, entertaining – like a delightful guided tour of foreign travel!

Chris Reilly

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It was the best lecture on Hinduism that I have ever heard. I now understand why I had a difficult time learning about it growing up.

Sharmila Khare

Brian's extensive subject area knowledge, excellent pacing, and engaging teaching style made the classes interesting and informative. Brian consistently demonstrated respect for, and knowledge of, the history, practices and beliefs of each religion.

Eileen Martak

Brian is a gifted and engaging teacher; but beyond that, it's obvious he loves world religions and the people that practice them.

Sarah Kurlowich

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Religion in 3D

I have been teaching for 25 years, and I have never seen a presentation like this.

Frank O'Neil

HS World Religions Teacher

Everything on this table is fascinating... as you go through you see the similar threads among the religions... thank you so much!

Host, CITY TV's Breakfast Television

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Diversity Consulting

“Exceptional – dynamic – please bring Brian back! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to attend this tremendous workshop!”

Workshop Participant - Gift of Hope (Organ Donation Organization), Chicago

You gave our staff a way to orient themselves around the world’s faiths…they learned more in an hour and a quarter today than they have in their entire life about religion  

Hiren Mistry - Equity and Inclusive Education Coordinator, Peel District School Board

Thoroughly impressed. Best speaker and program I’ve benefitted from while being on staff.

Workshop Participant - LiveOnNY, New York City

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