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Demystifying Religions

Religious literacy requires us to understand the customs, practices and history of various religions so that we feel confident in our day to day interactions. 

Encounter’s Demystifying Religions series creates a foundation of knowledge about the world's most common, and commonly misunderstood, religions. Participants in this program have a safe space to ask questions and expand their knowledge about their colleagues, clients and the communities they serve. This program is delivered through a conversation with Brian Carwana and a practitioner of the featured religion. Taught from a non-sectarian perspective, this program is welcoming for all religious, spiritual and secular identities.   


Through this training participants will:

  • Understand the basic tenets of the religion - what do observants think, believe and do as part of their religion.  

  • Expand their cultural awareness and learn how to be a respectful colleague, guest or host within a diverse community. 

  • Learn about holidays, what they signify and what are appropriate greetings and considerations. 

  • Discuss common misperceptions about specific religions   

  • Hear interesting facts which help give dimension to a religion and combats the "single story" many of us know about other religions. 


Format: Each 60 minute session covers a different religion and are perfect for a stand alone program or as part of the series. 


Who should come: excellent program for all staff, particularly frontline staff, supervisors. Makes a great lunch and learn program in advance of key holidays.

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"Thanks again for the talk today! So many positive comments about it.....tons of thanks and praise for your presentation."

Jeff LeJeune, VP Engineering, Hi-Tech Firm.

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