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DISCOVER the World's Religions 

Join us for an incredible program of discovery. Whether you are coming for professional, personal or educational reasons, what you learn will stay with you, influencing your connections with others and your understanding of the world around you.


Summer Discovery Week

JULY 6 TO 12, 2025

This immersive experience invites you to encounter amazing places and unique experiences. Over the course of our Discovery Week you will:

  • Savour a Sikh langar meal

  • Attend Jewish Shabbat service

  • Explore a Hindu Temple

  • Observe a Muslim congregation at Friday prayer

  • Engage in Zen meditation

  • Practice Daoist Tai chi

  • Meet a Wiccan Community

Following engaging classes and conversation in the morning, we embark on 20 site visits, often gaining access to rituals and spaces not available to the general public. We meet practitioners and leaders of various traditions and cap our day off sharing meals and conversation with other participants. 


Over the past 20 years of hosting Discovery Week, 95% of our participants consistently rate our program as exceeding expectations.


Engaging Talks

​Before visiting the sites, Brian introduces each religion, offering insight into what we will experience and how to best savour the experience. Learning the stories, rituals, beliefs, and history of each religion helps our participants understand and appreciate all they encounter in our site visits. 


Fantastic Site Visits

As part of the Encounter program you will be warmly welcomed by our many hosts. You will be invited to observe and participate in unique experiences, and explore fantastic art and architecture. Our guides are engaging and open to answering your questions and making you feel comfortable in their rituals and places of worship. Our schedule is carefully crafted to allow us  the best opportunities to observe ritual and communal life.


Meaningful Learning

Participants come to Discovery Week for many reasons, but they almost always tell us the experiences transformed them in ways they did not anticipate. Inevitably the opportunity to learn more about others and develop the confidence for authentic connection also influence how we come to know more about ourselves and our own beliefs.  


All the Details are Handled for You

Transportation for site visits and all meals are provided as part of your package. Accommodations are available through a number of options (link) and can be arranged when booking your Discovery Week.



Discovery Week Explores the Following Religions:

  • Buddhism

  • Christianity

  • Daoism

  • Hinduism

  • Islam

  • Judaism

  • Native Spirituality

  • Rasta

  • Sikhism

  • Wicca

  • Zoroastrianism

Listen to Brian talk about the Discovery Week experience on
CBC Metro Morning:

Brian on Metro Morning
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Anne - mosque.jpg

Anne Bokma and Sheikh Imran Ally, imam of the TARIC mosque

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