Explore 11 religions and observe sacred rituals 


an Hasidic Jewish yeshiva

 a Muslim congregation at Friday prayer


a Zen meditation

a Sikh langar meal

and much more



We begin with our 'keystone'​ lecture "To See, To Be, To Do,” that offers a panoramic map of the religious topography and provides a framework for studying religions. 

Throughout the week, classes provide you with excellent insight into these religions:

  • Daoism

  • Judaism

  • Christianity

  • Native Spirituality

  • Zoroastrianism

  • Wicca

  • Hinduism

  • Buddhism

  • Islam

  • Rasta

  • Sikhism

Site Visits

Between classes, we venture out to visit places of worship, visiting at least one site for each religion.


The visits are more than tours. You will meet hosts, encounter communities, ask questions, explore fantastic architecture, share meals, and often observe ritual. In some instances, we will be invited to join in and experience the ritual ourselves (optional, never obligatory). 


Through years of practice we have honed our schedule to optimize the combination of excellent guides, arresting architecture, and visits timed to observe ritual and communal life.


You'll explore with a great group of people, savour tasty food and, lastly, you'll love the classes - participants often marvel at how scholarly yet accessible they are.


It's a rich week - hold on to your hats! 


Cultural Exploration

Professional Development


Lifelong Learning


Diversity Training


Spiritual seeking


Intellectual curiosity


Peace building


Educational Travel


Over 15 years, 95% of participants say the program "exceeded expectations" on feedback forms 

​Reasons people give for how the week exceeds expectations:

  • the lectures greatly surpass what they anticipated

  • the warm welcome and quality of the site visits

  • the interaction with other attendees 

  • the passion of our speakers at the sites

  • seeing the religions in their own communities

  • the whole being more than the sum of the parts (food, people, ritual, music, architecture)

Sikhism - Classes & Education
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