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Insightful. Inclusive. Informative. 

Religion isn’t something we talk about – but we need to. Regardless of our own views, religion impacts our workplaces, our communities, our relationships, even our politics.

Starting these important conversations can be tricky – and that is where Brian comes in.

With 2 decades of teaching religious literacy programs from a non-sectarian perspective, Brian can help you open the door to meaningful conversations, and help you build more authentic relationships.


Insightful and informative, Brian taps into our natural curiosity about the world around us, helps us understand and dismantle our own biases and empowers us to create more inclusive communities.


Brian has worked with organizations in major sectors including health care, police services, municipal governments, and the tech sector. As an associate with CCDI he’s delivered innovative programs to some of Canada’s most forward thinking companies.


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As a speaker, panelist, facilitator and teacher he’s entertaining and engaging while also delivering meaningful content that helps move us all towards inclusivity and religious literacy.

Brian Carwana started his career as a management consultant and venture capitalist and then he decided to follow another path, securing a job at Encounter World Religions and pursuing his Masters and then PhD in religion. As the Executive Director of Encounter World Religions and the man behind Brian speaks to thousands of people every year about the importance of religious literacy. 

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