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Religions are all around us and becoming religiously literate can help us understand our world better, foster more authentic relationships and help us in our work environments to reach our full potential. Employers who nurture an inclusive and welcoming workplace find that their staff are happier and more productive, and more committed to their work. This program provides a platform for staff teams to learn more about world religions, and each other, to set the stage for a welcoming workplace.


Through this training you will

  • Learn about the importance of religious literacy in the workplace

  • Understand why our cultural norms prevent us from having meaningful conversations around religions and learn how to overcome them

  • Develop knowledge and skills to create authentic and supportive relationships with colleagues and customers

  • Gain tools for religiously sensitive conversations and avoid microaggressions

  • Learn ways you can contribute to creating a religiously inclusive work environment


Who should come: excellent program for all staff, particularly frontline staff, supervisors

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