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We don’t talk about religion at work and it costs us: in employee engagement and productivity, in attracting and retaining top talent, in business and organizational development, in authenticity for our DEI initiatives, and in effective decision making.


The Religiously Literate Leader training provides leaders with the knowledge and confidence to begin important conversations about religious inclusion in the workplace, and to nurture a more supportive working environment, where everyone is invited to fully participate.


Through this training you will:

  • Learn about the ways religious literacy can impact your staff and enhance your results

  • Understand why our cultural norms prevent us from having meaningful conversations around religious identity and learn how to overcome them,

  • Set the stage for a more religiously inclusive workplace with some simple tips to get you started

  • Prepare to initiate important conversations about religious literacy with your team

  • Consider a roadmap for what to do next


Who should come: senior leaders, managers, DEI specialists, Human Resource professionals, Board members

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