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Encounter offers many classes on individual religious traditions. Our classes combine history and founder’s stories, with explanations of beliefs, practices and sometimes contentious political issues. Our classes will help you better understand your neighbour but also better understand the evening news and world events.

We aim to provide real insights into the distinguishing traits of particular traditions and to convey not just information, but some of the feel of a tradition. When possible, we combine classes with expertly arranged visits since while part of understanding Islam is knowing about the Prophet Muhammad, about Sunni, Shia and sharia…. part of Islam is the feel of a packed mosque at Friday prayer.

We teach all of the largest religions in the world as well as many smaller ones including Wicca, Zoroastrianism, Rastafari, and Mormonism.

Reach out to us about teaching a tradition or a series of classes on several religions.

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