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Religion Comes Alive in Artefacts

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In the Western world we think of religions as being an internal expression using beliefs and books. But many religions from around the world are experienced and celebrated externally. They are worn on the body and marked on faces. They inhabit images, live in stories and come alive through the senses. 


We will begin with the idea of the Western Lens, why it exists, and how it shapes our bias and distorts the way we see traditions whose roots are not in the West. And then, in an engaging and interactive conversation, we will use examples from our collection of more than 100 religious artefacts to explore the meaning and fascinating stories behind the First Nations turtle rattle, the Hindu Dancing Shiva, Buddhist instruments, Jewish prayer garments and many more. 


What students learn:

  • How Western history and culture impacts our ideas of religious expressions and the potential bias that introduces into our thinking.

  • The importance and meaning contained in religious clothing, statues, instruments and artefacts from a variety of faith traditions.

  • The many ways religions are expressed and celebrated.


What teachers receive:

  • A summary of the presentation and key concepts

  • Images of artefacts and a summary of the related stories used in the presentation for in classroom use. These can be useful for review and evaluation.


View our introductory video for more information about this program!

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