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Encounter’s primary goal has always been to support the development of religious literacy through engaging educational programs. We invite you to learn more about our programs for high school and post secondary students, and professional development for educators and staff.


Music, Masks,

Murtis & More

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To See, To Be,

To Do  – For Students

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House of Worship Tours


Take your students on a fascinating journey to discover the music, imagery and stories of the world’s religions.

For more than 20 years Encounter’s programs have helped educators

  • open meaningful discussions,

  • discuss how culture shapes bias

  • create a deeper understanding and appreciation of the various faith traditions we encounter.

For each of our programs Encounter provides supporting learning resources for classroom use including discussion questions, images and evaluation tools.

Our programs are non-sectarian and suitable for all.


Learn more about:


Our school programs are offered virtually and delivered by Brian Carwana, Encounter’s Executive Director.

Programs for Students


Building inclusive schools is crucial to building inclusive communities. Come learn more about the religious traditions, practices and beliefs of your students and nurture a culture of belonging in your classroom and your school.

Our Professional Development program help educators understand how the Western culture impacts our understanding of faith and how to dismantle unconscious bias.

Programs can be customized to meet the needs and demographics of your particular school or Board.

Programs for Educators and School Staff


Many educators join us for a fully immersive fascinating exploration of 11 religions through more than 20 site visits during our premier event. You’ll gain insight into your student and your own perception of religion through engaging conversations, interesting classes and unique experiences.

Discovery Week


Our Music, Masks, Murtis & More and To See, To Be, To Do programs are suitable for College and University students and educators.

We also offer customizable keynote talks, Ask Me Anything sessions and Discovery Weeks to meet the unique needs of post secondary students.


We also offer professional development and consulting services for post secondary staff and programs. Reach out to learn more. 

We’ve been honoured to work with:

Universities & Colleges


Each year Encounter hosts a series of affordable virtual education programs for high school students. These talks are appropriate for World Religion, Anthropology and Sociology or world history classes. Join our Educator Newsletter to keep up to date on these and other learning opportunities.

School Events



Islam in the Welcoming Community: A Guide for Inclusive Relationships

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Happy Holidays: A Guide to Winter Holidays

Sign-up below and download our free resource "Happy Holidays: A Guide to Winter Holidays"! ​


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No guest presentation has ever been able to match the multi-faith presentations of Encounter.
- George Dolak, teacher

The ReligionsGeek Blog


Brian Carwana is the ReligionsGeek. He studies religions, visits religious communities, and is friends with many religious leaders. He thinks about religion in the shower. It’s relentless. As Director of Encounter World Religions, he loves teaching about religions, about ethno-religious diversity and what this means in our modern workplaces, schools and societies. Find interesting articles, resources and insights on our ReligionsGeek blog and subscribe to our newsletter for additional stories.

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