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Encounter World Religions promotes religious pluralism, where people of diverse religious, spiritual and secular identities live and thrive in harmony with one another. 

We strive to create a better world by fostering religious literacy to help people understand the world’s religious traditions and how they impact our relationships and our societies.


Religious literacy helps us all be sensitive to the needs, perspectives and practices of others and provides a foundation for authentic, compassionate connection. Through engaging training programs, rich, experiential learning, and insightful conversations, Encounter helps workplaces, schools, community groups and individuals develop the religious literacy we all need to better understand our colleagues, neighbours, and even the evening news.

Workplace Programs

Customizable religious literacy programs developed for organizations.


Programs developed for students, Universities/Colleges and educators/school staff.


Programs developed for Individuals and community groups


This immersive experience invites you to encounter amazing places and unique experiences. 



of Discovery Week participants said the experience exceeded expectations


of participants from a major Canadian police force would recommend Encounter’s series on religions to others


of City of Waterloo staff who participated in our Workplace program said the session was helpful for understanding religion in a work context


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of CCDI participants in our Religiously Literate Leader said they found the content relevant to their work.



The ReligionsGeek Blog


Brian Carwana is the ReligionsGeek. He studies religions, visits religious communities, and is friends with many religious leaders. He thinks about religion in the shower. It’s relentless. As Director of Encounter World Religions, he loves teaching about religions, about ethno-religious diversity and what this means in our modern workplaces, schools and societies. Find interesting articles, resources and insights on our ReligionsGeek blog and subscribe to our newsletter for additional stories.

If you are looking for a fascinating learning experience taught by
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