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Encounter is pleased to partner with Dialectic which has developed an engaging and effective microlearning tool called Learning Snippets. Learning Snippets fuses insights from industry leaders with an innovative scientifically-proven approach to create change.


Snippets uses authentic, real-world scenarios which reinforce your training programs and help you and your teams to develop inclusive habits and address cognitive biases from any device, anywhere. In addition to the Religious Inclusion series, there are Snippets available on a variety of themes including Inclusive leadership, Offsetting Racial Bias, Gender Equality and others.


Microlearning can help build and support an inclusive workplace culture. What makes Snippets different?


Snippets helps move beyond building awareness to encourage real behaviour change. Each Snippet is built on recent, proven science about the knowledge, skills and motivation that support inclusive behaviours.



Spaced microlearning extends and cements the concepts learned in traditional in-person or online training. Consequential reasoning and critical thinking are core to each scenario, making the learning meaningful.

Snack Sized

Each scenario-based lesson can be completed in 2 minutes or less. Employees are motivated by the short time commitment, and the opportunity to explore the additional resources linked in each scenario. 



Employees can use a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to complete lessons on their own schedule, so they don’t have to sacrifice valuable working hours to complete a course.


Key Benefits

  • Lessons take 2 minutes to complete and can be completed at any time

  • No installs or special software required – people receive lesson emails and complete lessons online

  • Learning can be done on any device, anywhere employees can get online

  • Scenario-based lessons require reasoning and critical thinking, not just clicking and guesswork

  • Spaced learning inserts pauses between scenarios, preventing people from rushing through the content, and providing time for them to reflect on and apply what they’ve learned

  • Behavourial nudges provide quick reminders that can be easily integrated into employees’ work

  • Relevant, meaningful reports help people see their progress, and help administrators identify areas for further improvement


The Learning Snippets program includes a DEI diagnostic tool and in-depth reporting, making it easy to monitor engagement and quantify progress. And each scenario includes additional learning resources for employees who want to dig deeper into the topic.


Interested in learning more? You can try a Snippets for free and we would be happy to chat about the ways this program can support your Religious Inclusion and DEI initiatives.


Get your free Snippets trial or contact us for more information.

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