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Religion is about more than just beliefs.


We encounter, practice and internalize religions through objects that we hold, wear, adorn our home with, or otherwise use to communicate with deities and to indicate our very identity to ourselves and to others. 

Religions in 3D offers a visually stunning presentation of material objects, explaining numerous traditions through their symbols, statues, clothing, prayer items and musical instruments.


Participants gain a tangible feel for the texture of diverse religions through authentic ritual items and icons such as:

  • Learning the meaning and use of Buddhist and Hindu statues

  • Listening to musical instruments such as the Jewish shofar and Buddhist singing bowls

  • Observing volunteers wear religious clothing such as a Buddhist monks robes or an Islamic hijab

  • Seeing how a Sikh turban is wound



Religions in 3D is an excellent introduction to World Religions or a great complement to a more in-depth course. The presentation can fit into a one-hour class or extended to fill a whole morning by adding more context and history.


It has been presented, to rave reviews, at universities, faith groups, schools, hospitals, conferences, and many other places.

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