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Religious Holidays Program

Religious holidays are an excellent opportunity to learn more about the traditions, celebrations and practices of our colleagues and communities. They also provide an easy and effective way to open conversations around the importance of religious literacy and inclusion.

Encounter’s Religious Holidays Program uses holidays as a springboard to creating a welcoming workplace by tapping into natural curiosity and relatable topics. Taught from a non-sectarian perspective this program is welcoming for all religious, spiritual and secular identities.   


Through this training participants will:

  • Gain real insight into Canada’s minority religions by an exploration of some of their most important holidays

  • See how religious holidays are great opportunities for fostering connection while also learning to mitigate risks stemming from poor assumptions

  • Learn about biases concerning religious identities in Canadian culture

  • Understand how religious literacy contributes to psychological safety

  • Consider how inclusive scheduling creates fairness and belonging

  • Increase their knowledge of religious communities and gain new comfort in opening conversations


Who should come: excellent program for all staff, particularly frontline staff, supervisors. Makes a great lunch and learn program in advance of key holidays.

Join our newsletter to learn more about our individual training program, or contact us to learn more about our corporate programs. 

"Thanks again for the talk today! So many positive comments about it.....tons of thanks and praise for your presentation."

Jeff LeJeune, VP Engineering, Hi-Tech Firm.

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