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These Buddhist monks walk into a synagogue, a mosque and a Hindu temple...

(MULTIPLE PHOTOS) - For years I have brought people to meet my friend, Rev. Ping, at a Buddhist temple. Today, I got to pay her back in the smallest of ways. Young monks from China were visiting and she phoned me to see if we could show them some of the other traditions in the Toronto area. They appreciated the beauty of the Hindu temple, had a great dialogue at the mosque, and enjoyed hearing the Torah canted for them. I think they'll remember this day. I know I will.

Buddhist monks appreciate a good chanter. This cantor left a good impression.
The usual tussle over lining up for the group photo.

I've known Sadat (right) and Rev. Shanping (left) for years. It was neat to have them talking to each other.

Looking at a Qur'an in Mandarin. They quite enjoyed that.

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