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World Religions heads West

(MULTIPLE PHOTOS) - Hadn't been to Vancouver in twenty years and had never taught about religions here. But I had a great time teaching on four different religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Sikhism) over one weekend. We paired the classes with great visits including this Shia mosque. Shias make up about 15% of the world’s Muslims and hence have fewer mosques in the West. They condense some of the prayers, thus praying 3 times per day by doubling up some prayers (which we witnessed).

Shia Mosque - Vancouver - World Religions weekend
The Buddhist temple was quite spectacular.
Beautiful inside too where we sat for a brief meditation.
You can see here the main hall in the Sikh temple. The musicians played and sang the kirtan while adherents bowed in front of the throne which holds their sacred text.
Our Sikh host was a lovely man. Very kind and considerate.

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