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Discovery Week 2016 - Better than ever!

(MULTIPLE PHOTOS) Honestly, one of our best Discovery Weeks in many years. Great group, and the program continues to build on itself year after year. A few highlights: first time ever we brought a group for Friday prayer at the mosque when there's a sermon and the mosque is packed with the whole congregation; first ever visit to a Hasidic Jewish yeshiva; and just an excellent time with Native elder Little Brown Bear. We’ll build in more time for him next year. I can’t wait!

Krishna and Radha at one of our Hindu visits. Devotees come to temple for Darshan (visual communion with the deities)
Hindus shattered these coconuts to symbolize the goal of shattering one's ego - hard and rough on the outside, but sweet if shattered
This guardian of the Daoist temple means business...though his finger does not mean what you think it means :)
This year's mosque visit was exceptional as we witnessed a packed mosque for Friday prayer. We heard the sermon and put away lots of Afghani food to boot.
On free nights we have a smaller group as some go home and hence we have a kind of family style dinner organized by Mel & Troy (our super cooks)

Good times with good people!
First ever Discovery Week visit to a Hasidic Jewish yeshiva. The young men study Talmud 14 hrs/day, 7 days/wk

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