Discovery Week 2017

(MULTIPLE PHOTOS) Every year, the Discovery Week feels like it is getting better. We had a great group this year of 48 participants (sold out program!) exploring 11 religions in 7 days of rich learning and rich encounters via classes and visits.

We began with CLASSES prior to each visit introducing that religion's key beliefs, practices, history. Where appropriate, we touched on sects, politics, and current issues:

Class time - learning about beliefs, history, practices before we visit

Then we made VISITS to places of worship where we spoke with community leaders...

Zoroastrian guide

Observed rituals like Hindu aarti...

Hindu aarti ritual at Toronto's Hindu Sabha temple

And this Buddhist liturgy involving both monks and lay people...

Buddhist ritual - Cham Shan temple - Toronto

We engaged in practices like Taoist tai chi and Zen meditation....

Meditating at the Toronto Zen temple

And we chanted and danced with Wiccans and Hare Krishnas...

Chant - Hare Krishna - Toronto

Went face to face with Zoroastrian images...

Zoroastrian temple - Toronto

Toured amazing synagogues, mosques, and temples....

Touring Elaborate Hindu temple (Toronto)

And crossed cultural barriers including with Rasta elders, this Hasidic Jewish rabbi...

Hasidic Jewish rabbi (Chabad Lubavitch Hasidim)

and at a Sikh gurdwara (temple) where we explored the museum.

Sikh guides at Ontario Khalsa Darbar (Toronto)

Such a rich experience brought us together in a week we will not forget.

Can't wait till next year!

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