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Making the Case for Religious Literacy in the Workplace

We presented a workshop called Making the Case for Religious Literacy in the Workplace. Our culture shies away from discussing religion, especially in the workplace. But that reluctance is counterproductive to our efforts to create inclusive workplaces where our teammates feel they belong and are able to fully contribute. In this workshop we will review the current research and help you make a business case for including religious literacy in your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives. As a participant you will receive insights and supporting materials to help you prepare yourself and your team for these important conversations.

Religion is often left out of our conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion.

Historically, our cultural norms prevent us from even broaching the topic. But for those of us committed to creating a truly inclusive workplace we must address the role religion plays in the lives of our teammates.

This new webinar will help you make a business case for nurturing religious literacy in the workplace. Grounded in the current research, together we will talk about the ways religious inclusion can help us reach our business goals for customer and team relationships.

Through this training you will:

  • Understand how religion can impact your workplace, especially if you don’t talk about it

  • See how religious literacy supports the creation of a truly inclusive organization

  • Review the research that can help you make the business case for religious literacy

  • Prepare to answer your team’s questions and concerns and open these important conversations

What you’ll receive:

  • All new content in a 45 minute webinar with Canada’s leading expert on religious inclusion in the workplace

  • A chance to ask your questions about nurturing religious literacy and inclusion in the workplace in our Q and A session

  • Take-away resources summarizing the latest research as it pertains to religious inclusion to help you make the case in your organization

  • Educational materials to help you prepare yourself for these important conversations

Who should come:

  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion professionals,

  • HR leaders,

  • Senior Managers and Leaders,

  • Anyone with an interest in DEI

  • Those who need some support to open up discussions about religious literacy in the workplace

"Brian is an excellent speaker. He gave me so much great information! This will be very helpful in my work. I want more!!!"

- Workshop Participant Gift of Hope, Chicago


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